Learning How to Learn

The texts from last class make a serious argument for why all students should learn how to code, but I honestly cannot see how or why I would include coding regularly into my classroom.

What I do value in my classroom is the question, “What is writing?” but I do not think that having my students code for a project would be the best use of our very limited amount of time and resources. What I wish I had time for is “learning how to learn,” which can be fostered in learning coding.

While I don’t see its relevancy to my classroom, I think it has been a humbling experience as a teacher. I am positive that my students have to struggle with class material from time to time, and getting to be back in that position again is good for me (but why does it have to be coding?!).

The Creators Project website has poetry written in HTML code, considering it its own “language.” “Ishac Bertran saw this linguistic beauty in code and sought to treat creative coding text as what he believes it is: poetry,” which I completely agree with. Again, I just  do not see its place in my English classroom. If it is its own language, then I feel it should have its own class. Many public schools are cutting computer classes believing that these “digital natives” coming into secondary schools do not need it. If coding is its own lanuage, then we could treat it as we do Spanish or French to give it its own amount of time.

Like Meg said, DH needs its own place rather than tapping into different disciplines.





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